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Hello! I'm Lloyd

A software developer with a strong background in electronics and electro-mechanical systems, and a passion for autonomous robotics. I find nothing more satisfying than solving difficult problems. 

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."

- Albert Einstein


Lloyd Brombach

Software and Robotics Developer




Detroit, MI




With over 20 years of combined education and technical work, I've gained a somewhat rare combination of hardware and software know-how that allows me a great flexibility when it comes to solving problems. Working as part of a team, I value the ability to act as a liaison between disciplines and help the team find the most effective solution. Working solo, it provides me the best of both hardware and software worlds - because I can choose either as needed.


My primary programming languages are C++ and Java. And, while my employment history favors electronics and electro-mechanical work, my past several years back in school working toward a bachelor's degree in computer science has elevated my software engineering practices. To that end, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with others and develop applications from MySQL servers to mobile apps to autonomous robots. While my controls experience and software skills complement each other very well, if I had to choose a most valuable asset I would have to say relentless persistence.

For as long as I can remember, "I don't know how" or "I can't do that" have not been options when I decide to do something. Whether that was deciding to lose 100 lbs and complete a 140 mile race or write a 450+ page book as an undergrad student (Published Jan, 2021 BPB Publications), the only answer I've been able to give when asked if I could do something is "I'll figure out how."



2021 - present

Prototype Developer

New Mountain Solutions LLC

Developing prototype devices and mobile applications for both internal projects and external customers. Responsible for mechatronics design and applying SOLID software engineering practices for embedded and Android applications, using actuators, analog and digital sensors, open and closed-loop controllers, and various microcontrollers using both development boards and bare microcontrollers (Arduino, ESP, AVR). 

2011 - present

Engineer First Class

Wayne State University

As an engineer on the controls crew, I would troubleshoot, repair, design, and install electronic and electro-mechanical controls for commercial mechanical equipment, research equipment, and building automation. Worked with team members to coordinate larger projects. 

2003 - 2011

Engineer, multiple grades

Wayne State University

As an operating engineering I operated and maintained mechanical equipment including but not limited to: air conditioning, heating (including boilers), electrical, and controls. In the early years, I learned the nuances of the trade, attended classes, and studied for licensure exams as an apprentice, eventually earning the highest class license.



2016 - present

Bachelor's Degree

(in progress)

Wayne State University

Studied computer science coursework including OOP with C++ and Java, Software Engineering and Architecture, Agile practices, GIT version control, Android Development, and Robotics.

2003 - 2007

Certificate of Completion

IUOE 547 Stationary Engineering Apprenticeship

As an apprentice stationary engineer in a U.S. Dept of Labor registered program, 88 - 96 hours per week was split between classroom and on-the-job training. Topics of study focused on operating steam and refrigeration equipment, including thermodynamics and electrical and electro-mechanical control systems of power plant-sized boilers, steam turbines, and generators. 

1991 - 1993

Certificate of Completion

Oakland Schools Technical Campus

Completed a two-year course of study in electronics and automation technology. This gave me a foundation on which I could launch a lifelong series of electronics and automation projects as a hobbyist. Eventually, it would also help to steer my career away from commercial and industrial equipment operation to controls work. 


Publications, Projects, and Achievements

Practical Robotics in C++

Published January 2021, BPB.

A 467 page technical book intended to bridge the gap between very beginner hobbyist books and very advanced academic works, and serve as a training manual for my own robotics team. Having achieved Amazon’s #1 new release and the #5 best seller list in its category, the highest honor is the outreach from educators who state their appreciation and intention to incorporate my material into their courses. 


Wayne Robotics Club

Developed autonomous robotics applications for the 2019, 2021, and 2022 Intelligent Ground Vehicle Challenge (IGVC). Learned existing robotics software packages and developed our own. 

As a team co-captain and software architect, I performed much of the training of new members and distributing work according to abilities. In addition to my own coding work, I was able to continue to mentor other team members to their own successes – either with direct coaching or by pairing teammates with complementary skills. The team made steady improvement in standings during each of my years as co-captain and the principal software developer. 


Open HVAC Control

The sole developer of a Raspberry Pi based multi-stage, multi-zone HVAC controller (open source project). Replaces thermostats and control damper motors for up to two stages heat, two stages cooling, and three zones. User interface is currently via web browser (HTML pages and a RESTful interface with the back end), but an accompanying Android App is on the todo list. See more at


Ironman Triathlon

In 2011 - 2012 I trained for and completed a 140.6 mile endurance race called the Ironman Triathlon. The event consists of a 2.4-mile swim and a 112-mile bike ride, followed immediately with a 26.2-mile marathon all within a 17 hour deadline. While the winners completed the race in under nine hours, I spent just over 14 hours on the course to ensure I got my money's worth. Perhaps the fact that I didn't know how to swim when I registered for the race contributed to my slow finishing time as well.



C++, Java, OOP, SQL

Problem Solving

Android Mobile Apps

Agile Development Practices

Electronics, hardware/software integration

Spring Boot


Git Software Version Control

Data Structures and Algorithms

Software Design Patterns

ROS (Robot Operating System)

Mobile Robotics




Relentless Persistence

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